It should be array of objects but its returning a single object


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September 27, 2015 10:21


in the min fare we have a field called extra
“[{’duration’: u’2h 15m’, ‘arrtime’: u’2015-09-30t2310’, ‘nostops’: 0, ‘deptime’: u’2015-09-30t2055’, ‘flightno’: u’AI127’}]”
it should be “[{duration: ‘2h 15m’},{ arrtime: ‘2015-09-30t2310’}, {nostops: 0}, {deptime: ‘2015-09-30t2055’}, {flightno: ’AI127’}]”
so that i can access a particular attribute


September 27, 2015 20:11


Thanks for the heads up. Will check with teams and would share updates.

But the version upgrades would not be sometime really soon and would always give time for old api to deprecate. For now hence suggest you use the same response structure to process.

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